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Moving Tips

1.) You can purchase carpet protecting plastic from any home goods store and have the floors covered before the movers arrive.


2.) To save time you can dissasemble any furniture that may be too large to fit through the door.


3.) Make sure you have the key to your new home or storage unit in advance.


4.) You may wrap your large furniture with padded blankets and shrink wrap, otherwise, we will be taking care of that for you.


5.) Start packing as soon as you find out you are moving!


6.) Try to close all of your boxes or place lids on your tubs so they can easily be stacked, carried, and packed in the truck.


7.) Pack glass and china appropriately and label those boxes as fragile.


8.) You can label your boxes by room to create a more efficient unloading process.


9.) You can stack all of your boxes in one room before movers arrive to save time.